2nd episode of "BW for BObj Community" podcast

The second episode of the podcast series that Josh Fletcher and I are putting together is now up on the DSLayer site. Head on over to check it out and see us talk about and demo getting the ins and outs of getting the free trial version of BW up and running, connecting BW with Data Services (the old way and the new way), and setting up a quick(ish) and dirty datamart in BW. There is even some crashing and burning at the end, as promised!

In future, hopefully shorter, episodes we are planning to get a BEx query set up with some calculated measures, pull in some additional employee data, and report on the whole thing using BI4 tools. Maybe we'll even take some initial steps away from a data-mart approach and towards a data warehouse approach.

"SAP BW for the BusinessObjects Community" video podcast

I'm doing a podcast series with Josh Fletcher from the DS Layer site on the topic of BW for the BObj community. Our first episode is out, so if you're interested in the topic of BW-BusinessObjects integration and what use BusinessObjects shops could possibly find for BW, you may want to take a look.

In this episode we discuss what BW is and what it can offer, and in future episodes we're going to piece together a Data Services extraction, BW-based data mart, and BusinessObjects-based reporting live. Tune in to watch us crash and burn. ;-)

SAP Developer Report Card & Video

Jon Reed was kind enough to organize a discussion about SAP's developer engagement initiatives between Graham Robinson, Jon, and me. He's written it up on SCN and there is a video of the discussion available. I highly recommend reading the blog or watching the video if you are interested in the topic of development on top of SAP software, whether you are a development consultant, are making 3rd party add-ons or mobile apps, or are thinking about writing software that uses SAP's HANA database. If you want to chat about the topic, you can track one of us down at TechEd or on Twitter.