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The idea of commoditization of a software solution space marking the debut of OSS options works fine, but it doesn’t mean that OSS will be a successful option for all solution domains. MDM for many enterprises requires sophisticated and well-defined software capabilities that support many areas including the data management practices, processes, and roles of people that must be handled well to achieve success with MDM initiatives.

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Jim Holincheck on analytics & domain expertise

A good take on the shortcomings of existing BI tools.

To understand the relationships between various metrics and their root causes requires significant domain expertise.  This is something traditional BI providers have lacked, in my opinion.  It also requires more sophisticated analytic techniques be applied where appropriate, some of which today are beyond the skills of typical business analysts.

This evaluation around domain expertise and sophisticated techniques is, I think, especially relevant in the badly-named "predictive analytics" area, where the skills are severely lacking and general purpose tools are trying and failing to make up the difference.

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